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Private Yoga Sessions

First Zoom Session $50


See how much you can learn in just an hour when the focus is only on you!  Request anything you want, ask questions about your practice and even learn ways to customize your practice in a group class setting.  This would make a perfect gift for any yogi!

Zoom Sessions $75


Sometimes it’s worth the extra money to be held accountable for a one-on-one totally customized yoga practice.  If yoga is your thing, treat yourself to private (or semi-private) zoom sessions.  Any day of the week and even with friends from near and far.

In Person Private Lessons $100 plus Rental Fees

($125 for groups of more than 2 students)


Whether I’m coming to your house, business, or we’re renting space from a local studio,  Private lessons are great for hands-on adjustments, tailored flows, professional “tips”, and comradery.  Take the time out for yourself, your family, your work…everyone will be better off. 

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