Many people complete a Yoga Teacher Training and become certified instructors. Some of those people know from the beginning they do not want to teach, but some of them desperately want to teach! You walk out of Yoga Teacher Training, and what do you do? You are now (ideally) a yoga expert, but you don’t even know where to start. Then, days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, and the training becomes a little fuzzy, and you kinda just need a booster, so here it is.


This course is highly recommended for new teachers, teachers who have been out of practice, and those trying to build a following. 



  • Dates: March 27-April 17 (4 Weeks)
  • Hours: 2.5 Hours On Saturdays -  11am-1:30pm Central US Time
  • 10 Yoga Alliance CEC Hours (30 are needed every 3 years to maintain standing.)
  • Includes a Free membership to for duration of the 4 week class


Topics Covered







-Practice Teaching

-Growing Your Classes





Includes Guest Speakers:

Ashley Soriano - Registered Yoga Teacher 

Ben Larson - Producer, Digital Marketer, Designer, Content Creator

& More ...

The Path of The Teacher - A Special Class for Yoga Teachers