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Monday 6pm-7pm CT - Level 2/3
Class Cancelled 6/5

Close off the first day of the week with an energetically awesome flow (playtime included).  The only thing that makes you eligible for a L2/3 class is your willingness to try...

Tuesday 6:15am-7:05am CT All Levels
Class Cancelled 6/6

Lighten your load before the day even begins with flowy sun salutation variations, breathwork, core and backbends.   (This class is suitable for all levels.)

Saturday 9:15am-10:15am CT - Level 2

Freedom Flow: A Self Practice Workshop
Friday, June 23rd 6:15-7:30pm

Saturday mornings are for loud music, energized breath and fun flow!  This Level 2 Practice will always have a traditional warm up, but it tends to go places you never knew existed.. 


Freedom Flow is a 75-Minute Intermediate-Level Yoga Class designed to help you drop into your creative side and be the yoga teacher for yourself!  With a healthy mix of "led-practice" and time to "explore,'  everyone will have something to strive for! 

Live Stream Yoga Classes

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