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The Importance of Stretching your IT Band

Our leg muscles, tendons, and ligaments are integral to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Aches and pains are often caused by lack of stretching and exercise. Over time your tendons and ligaments can get weak for a number of reasons. As a mom who juggles two kids, I know that I need my body to be strong and healthy in order to provide my family with all of the opportunities in life.

"Have you ever been running or hiking and the outside of your knee starts to hurt? Well, you may be suffering from pain coming from your IT band. IT band pain is common and accounts for up to an estimated 22% of all lower extremity injuries"

Linenger JMCC. Is iliotibial band syndrome overlooked? Phys Sports Med. 1992;20:98–108

I created this IT Band sequence to provide you with nine simple stretches that focus on your IT Band. Taking a few minutes a day to do some of these stretches, along with regular exercise or yoga will greatly increase your comfort and mobility.


This is my first blog post of many to come and #yogamusicmama is driven to help you attain a #healthylifestyle through yoga routines and #dailystretches.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below regarding your body and any discomfort that you feel that can be improved with IT Band Stretching. You can also share this post on your social media using the links below!

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Thanks Jill!

Looking forward to more great tips!

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